In September 2022, Exensor’s Unattended Ground Sensor capability Flexnet was successfully integrated into TAK, the Team Awareness Kit. Specially designed to enhance situational awareness, TAK supports the complex communication and coordination needs of operators in the field.

TAK (Team Awareness Kit) is a US government off-the-shelf application that provides operators on the ground with enhanced situational awareness and greater understanding of the current/changing environment via Android device technology. 

TAK has the ability to display a wide variety of map data, enabling operators to coordinate in real-time with members of their team via a multicast-based chat service or point to point TCP, but also other agencies, sensors and joint assets. It hence creates complete situational awareness for operators and improving inter-agency/national communication in complex operational environments.

Exensor recently integrated its Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system known as Flexnet into TAK.  Understanding that contemporary operations involve multiple agencies and nations, real-time communication and passage of mission specific information between all operators ensures a safe, dynamic, and effective mission execution.

The integration of the Flexnet System into TAK enables operators to see the deployed sensors in their georeferenced locations on an Android device, receive real-time alerts and imagery that can support tactical decision making and provides operational advantage. 

Exensor worked with Xi Systems to design and develop this integration, which allows TAK users to interoperate with Flexnet without a plugin, improving operational flexibility. Future enhancements will eventually provide system configuration, control and enhanced functionality via the delivery of a Flexnet dedicated plugin.

Exensor sees the successful integration of Flexnet UGS into TAK as an exceptional capability enhancement for its customers.

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