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Dedicated to the detection, classification and identification of enemy vehicle movements, the Surveyor belongs to Exensor’s next-generation of sensors. Fifteen years after the release of its predecessor as the first Flexnet sensor, the Surveyor is a completely redesigned device, being more robust and reliable than ever before. Lighter and smaller, it now provides more accurate classifications while maintaining the same operational endurance.

The Surveyor uses advanced fusion of seismic, acoustic and magnetic sensor data to detect, classify and identify vehicles. It consists of a main unit with: integrated battery, GPS receiver and radio; and two sensor probes. Each probe contains sensor elements for measurement of magnetic, seismic and acoustic properties of passing vehicles.

The probes collect data that is analysed by the main unit to provide reliable information about the vehicle. Alarms – including vehicle type, speed and direction – are then transmitted to a base station via the radio and the Flexnet Mesh network. The Surveyor is mainly used for surveillance of Main Supply Routes (MSR), tracks and minor roads.

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  • Advanced classification of vehicles (light, medium, heavy, tracked and wheeled)
  • Identification of passing vehicle against pre-recorded signatures
  • Advanced filtering of false alarms
  • Anti-tampering / lift protection
  • Rapid deployment
  • GPS for self-locating functionality
  • Size: 75 mm x 120 mm x 55 mm (main unit); 135 mm x 47 mm x 38 mm (probe)
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Operation time: 5 days using integrated rechargeable battery. External battery can be connected.
  • Temperature: -32 to +71 degree Celsius in operation.
  • Environmental: MIL-STD-810
  • EMC: MIL-STD-461




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