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Company structure

Exensor Technology AB is a Swedish company whose headquarters and Research and Development facility are located in Lund, Sweden, whereas its production plant is based in Basingstoke, England. Since 2017, Exensor is one of Bertin Technologies subsidiaries, and is part of CNIM Group, a French equipment manufacturer.

Founded in 1987, Exensor is a world leading player in the design, development and manufacturing of Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) systems. To remain competitive in today’s global market, we are always refining and reinventing our line of products, in close partnership with our customers and in compliance with their operational requirements.

Our Headquarters together with our main R&D centre is based in Lund, Sweden not far from the universities of Lund, Malmo and Copenhagen. We provide product and system R&D, Pre-Design Services, Domestic and International Sales, and Domain Expertise. From our Kalmar offices we develop the Flexnet C2 software, radio communication and network technology. Our UK Facility is based near Basingstoke, UK not far from the Universities of Oxford, London and Southampton. We provide Domestic and International Sales, Production and Manufacture, Product R&D, Post-Design Services, and Domain Expertise. We also have regional Offices in Germany and France.



Bruno Vallayer

Chief Executive Officer

Marcus Rosenqvist

VP Sales & Marketing

René Stitz

Chief Operating Officer

Maja Jensen

Finance Manager

Erik Hedén

Technical Director

Thomas Sölling Jörgensen

Chief Technical Officer

Phil Ashworth

Managing Director UK


Lodin Maj. Gen. (Ret.)

Board member & Senior Advisor

De Pruyssenaere Brig. Gen (Ret.)

Senior Advisor

Guillemet Brig. Gen (Ret.)

Senior Group Advisor

Schmitt LtCol. (Ret.)

Senior Advisor

Zeggelaar Maj. (Ret.)



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