PIR - Bertin Exensor


The PIR is a compact, rapidly deployable passive infrared sensor for fast and reliable detection of moving targets and their direction of travel.

Thermal Sensing

The PIR acts as a thermal barrier, detecting infrared radiation emitted by an object moving across the sensor’s field of view. The PIR uses advanced algorithms to filter false alarms, and to determine the direction of travel of a moving target. Encrypted communication (AES-256) ensures alarm data is securely transmitted to the base station by the built-in radio. If “radio silence” mode is activated or the communication is interrupted alarm data is stored within the device until requested by the operator or the communications link is restored.

Passive Infrared Sensor

The PIR consists of a Module Core unit with integrated radio, GPS receiver, battery, and an interchangeable PIR Module. There are three PIR Module variants: short, medium and long range, with different detection ranges and fields of view. The PIR module can be connected as an external component to any type of other Flexnet sensor.


Key benefits

Detection of moving targets

Direction of travel

Short, medium and long-range available


Size • 63mm x 74mm x 185mm (Short)
• 63mm x 74mm x 208mm (Medium)
• 63mm x 74mm x 265mm (Long)
Weight • 0.58kg (Short)
• 0.59kg (Medium)
• 0.80kg (Long)
Operational endurance time 30 days with integrated rechargeable battery (1-year battery as option)
An external battery can be connected to extend operational endurance time
Temperature -32 to +71 degrees Celsius in operation
Environmental MIL-STD-810
Tamper alarm Built-in anti-tamper with GPS
Position GPS for self-location


  • Three different PIR modules (Long/Medium/Short range) for distinctive range requirements
  • Provides direction of travel
  • High performance/weight ratio
  • Three remotely configurable sensitivity levels
  • Rapid deployment
  • Separate location of PIR module using cable
  • Silent mode
  • Anti-tampering alarm
  • Integrated 1 km mesh networked radio
  • GPS for self-localization
  • One additional PIR module can be connected to the Core module
  • Input/output signals
  • PIR modules can be attached to any other sensor via a multi-connector

Whether deployed as a standalone device or as a part of a more sophisticated multi-sensor system, the PIR provides powerful detection capabilities ideally suited for the surveillance and protection of troops and critical assets. Each sensor operates as an individual node in the Mesh network, relaying data from the other sensors to the base station.


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