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Mission & Values

Exensor aims at exceeding the expectations of our customers – hence our daily commitment to quality and service to achieve technical and manufacturing excellence.

In a constantly changing world, security of humans and infrastructure is increasingly important. Based upon the latest available technology, Exensor is focused on the development and supply of flexible and scalable sensor solutions responding to the fast changing needs within the defence and security sector.


Exensor strives to be at the forefront of technological advances to guarantee the most effective and secure solution for any surveillance and protection application. To do so, we are not afraid of challenging ourselves, setting high standards and defying established conventions.


Achieving the highest level of quality and service is our top priority. We are driven by the belief that our customers deserve absolute commitment to their most stringent requirements. Building a genuine relationship with our clients is therefore fundamental to our mutual success.
We never compromise on our standards in terms of quality and reliability as these standards are the dominant values of our daily work.

Quality policy

The company policy of Exensor aims at providing the highest quality of products and services to meet or exceed the needs of our customers. Covering all procedures, the quality management system is a common reference tool provided to the responsible employees and evaluated by top management authorities. It is intended to establish our primary objectives, which are: to give full satisfaction to our customers, to reduce and correct non-conformities in all business’ aspects, to adopt a proactive approach to continuous improvement, and to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.


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