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Border Control

Governments need to know what and who cross their borders to ensure Homeland Security. The scalable surveillance system developed by Exensor can monitor specific points of interest, or large areas when fences or regular cameras cannot be installed. Sensors and cameras are deployed along the border line and communicate together in a self-healing wireless mesh network.

The gateways are used as repeaters to extend communication to a remote observation post along the border.
The Flexnet system can be monitored and operated by multiple users, from a large operation center but also through a small handheld device. In case of a sensor detection, Police officers are directly notified of any movement along the border.

Border control

Borders are not systematically constituted of fences, nor all the way monitored by cameras. However, it is essential for government to maintain control over what and who crosses the frontier.

The Flexnet remote wireless surveillance system can be installed temporarily or in a fixed configuration in order to monitor large areas, without needing a pre-existing infrastructure.

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Key benefits

Temporary deployment in specific areas and hotspots

24/7 protection solution without need for power

Easy-to-deploy, conceal and operate


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