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When conducting military operations, efficient solutions are required to mitigate threats and monitor targets across an area of interest. This enables units to respond proportionately whilst remaining unobserved and ensure the safety of friendly forces. Thanks to a user-friendly and flexible design, Flexnet and its scalable toolbox of sensors and cameras can be deployed and recovered quickly in any environment. Flexnet supports line-of-sight, non-line-of-sight deployments. Covering the full spectrum of operational requirements, Flexnet reduces the burden on the operators by acting as an effective force multiplier.

Force protection

Soldiers on operations must fully focus on their mission. Using Flexnet to cover their back, they can focus on key tasks, assured that any approaching threat is detected. Flexnet is a wireless protection and surveillance network with diverse capabilities to ensure human and high value asset protection in a large variety of missions. Deployable both locally and in large areas, it is well suited for any setup, whether mobile, semi-fixed or fixed.

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Patrol | Protect a vehicle on a shorter mission

When soldiers are out on a patrol, Flexnet can be deployed to protect stationary vehicles against potentially hostile elements. Information on potential approaching threats can be obtained for the tactical commander on site to evaluate the situation, make a fact-based decision and take necessary action.

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Asset protection

The Flexnet UGS system can be temporarily or permanently deployed to ensure protection of high value assets such as aircrafts and anti-missile systems located in remote and/or hostile areas.

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Counter Mobility

The primary goal of Countermobility operations is to slow down or restrict the enemy’s ability to maneuver freely, by denying the use of certain roads, terrain, or areas. When coupled to 3rd party effectors, the Flexnet UGS System can be used for enhanced target acquisition and remote activation of the effector.

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Long range surveillance

For long-range surveillance missions, the Flexnet UGS system offers a wireless, covert observation capability to monitor multiple target locations. Intelligent sensors are deployed to trigger cameras that will capture images and video clips, transmitted through the system to the observation post upon demand.

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