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Command & Control system

Flexnet Commander is the command and control element of the Flexnet UGS system. It can be operated either on a Windows or Android based platform. For both OS platforms Exensor offer rugged laptops, tablets and PDAs with an integrated, proprietary Exensor radio module.

Flexnet Commander displays all necessary sensor data in a user-friendly map-based interface giving the operator full control of Flexnet. Flexnet Commander combines a map-based overview, a mission log and an image viewer in a single application.
Sensors fitted with an internal GPS receiver are automatically reported and displayed on the map in Flexnet Commander. This enables rapid deployment without need for manual positioning of sensors in the control software. The graphical representation provides a clear operational picture.

One advantage of Flexnet Commander is its scalability. Exensor provides several military grade handheld tablets and laptops, where Flexnet Commander is used to configure and operate the system. The Flexnet API allows data from the UGS system to be integrated into battle management systems (BMS).



Flexnet is an Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) capability featuring a toolbox of wireless and battery-powered sensors and cameras. This user-friendly and rapidly deployable system allows for the detection, classification and identification of threats and targets.


Exensor - Flexnet Protection & Surveillance Capability

The Flexnet capability, developed by Exensor, is a user friendly, flexible, comprehensive protection & surveillance system combining a wide range of sensors (Passive infrared, Seismic and acoustic, and intelligent motion cameras) with a proprietary command & control software.

On December 24, 2019, Exensor – a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies – was selected by the Belgian Ministry of Defense for the supply & maintenance of rapidly [...]
On January 28, 2020, Exensor Technology - a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies - was successfully awarded a new contract with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence [...]


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