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Unattended Ground Sensors – UGS

Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) for detection, classification and identification of human activities and vehicle movements.

Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensors:
  • Mini Mk3 – Seismic and acoustic sensor for 360-degree detection and classification of human activities and vehicle movements.
  • PIR – Passive infrared module for detection of movements and direction of travel.
  • Surveyor – Vehicle identification sensor, from heavy tracked to light wheeled, for information on the vehicle’s type, speed, direction.
  • Scout Mk3 – Intelligent remote imager for snapshot images and videos of threats and targets.



All sensors share common features: Rechargeable batteries, radio for communication in the mesh radio network, GPS receiver for self-localization in the Command and Control (C2) software, anti-tamper alarm. Due to its flexible design, Flexnet can be enhanced with third-party sensors for increased capabilities – Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, UAVs, Radars, Effectors, Long-range cameras. The sensors can be individually configured to adapt to the unique deployment characteristics of each mission.


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