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Flexnet is an Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) capability featuring a toolbox of wireless and battery-powered sensors and cameras. This user-friendly and rapidly deployable system allows for the detection, classification and identification of threats and targets.

One step ahead of threats

Flexnet’s portfolio of sensors and cameras enables operators to fully customize their system depending on specific operational requirements. Through the fusion of seismic, acoustic, magnetic and thermal sensor data, threats and targets are detected, classified and identified without exposing neither the operators nor the system. Within the Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) capability, each individual item – sensor, camera or gateway – acts as a network node and communicates with other devices within the system to route data back to the Command and Control (C2) solution.


Supporting intelligence gathering of the enemy’s activities & movements, this state-of-art platform will act as a driving force in operational decision-making with unprecedented levels of speed, safety & accuracy. As a tailored solution, Flexnet allows for customized configurations to increase significantly the Armed Forces’ situational awareness & strengthen their capability in the field.
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Key benefits

Reliable detection & Local processing

Passive & autonomous

Integrated GPS, radio and battery components

Self-adaptative wireless communications network

Fully scalable and customizable

In its smallest form, Flexnet comprises a handheld tablet or PDA, as well as a couple of sensors and cameras used for protection of military personnel or small critical assets. When fully deployed, Flexnet can be used for temporary or permanent protection of larger sites, areas or borders. The Command and Control (C2) software Flexnet Commander is available for both Microsoft Windows and Android-based platforms.

The different components of Flexnet are designed for rapid deployment and use on the field under harsh conditions. By offering a lightweight and compact footprint for easy transportation and concealment, the Flexnet capability can be easily deployed in remote areas. Parts of most Flexnet elements, integrated batteries and radio components have been designed in a modular way, hence enabling integration with legacy systems or unique customer solutions.

Whether deployed as a fixed or mobile system, Flexnet is a force multiplier providing early warning in real-time and increased situational awareness to facilitate decision-making on the field.

Thanks to a complete scalable and customizable design, Flexnet allows for both standalone system deployment and integration into an existing Battlefield Management System (BMS). Through Flexnet API, third party sensors and devices can be integrated within the system to provide a comprehensive protection and surveillance solution tailored to specific needs.

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