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To avoid being detected, soldiers use covert and remotely placed observation posts for surveillance missions. The Flexnet platform is a UGS (Unattended Ground Sensors) network designed for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). It includes wireless sensors and remote cameras to provide surveillance coverage of the objective when the terrain and vegetation prevents direct sight.

Cameras can capture videos and images when triggered by the intelligent and covert ground sensors. Upon demand, this information will be transmitted to the remote observation post, for a continuous monitoring of the designated areas, in order to record target movements over time and to determine pattern of life.

Counter Mobility

The purpose of counter mobility operations is to disrupt and restrict an adversary’s ability to manoeuvre freely by denying use of certain roads, terrain or areas. Flexnet provides an autonomous and wireless sensor network that will detect and identify a moving object., It could be used to trigger a third- party effector and provide real time battle damage assessment.

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Remote long range surveillance

Long-range surveillance missions require remote observation. Sometimes, terrain or vegetation prevents direct target observation. Flexnet offers a wireless, covert sensor and camera solution to provides remote surveillance coverage of multiple target locations. Intelligent and covert ground sensors are deployed to trigger short, medium and long-range cameras capturing images and/or video clips that can be transmitted through the system to the observation post upon demand.

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