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Joining Bertin Exensor

We are proud to be contributing to a safer society through military technology


The presence of strong defense capabilities acts as a deterrent, preventing conflicts and promoting global stability. A stable international environment is essential for the prosperity and resilience of individual nations. Bertin Exensor, through the development and maintenance of advanced defense systems, contributes to deterring potential aggressors and fostering an environment conducive to peaceful coexistence.



“As a Test & Quality Engineer for Bertin Exensor, I am the interface between the development team and the production to make sure our products are correctly assembled and controlled according to customer specifications. Thanks to my working experience as AIT engineer at Bertin Technologies, I can reuse and apply my knowledge in my daily work to improve the quality process in production at Exensor.” — Marie Requirand, Test & Quality Engineer, Lund

“As an algorithm engineer I design and implement signal processing and AI models for our intelligent sensor nodes. I enjoy the challenges and versatility; one day can consist of algorithm development, another to keep up to date with the latest research development or to be out doing fieldwork. The greatest reward though is to see how my efforts makes a real difference to the end user, in a product that delivers reliable and valuable information.” — Torgny Lindström, Principal Algorithm Engineer, Lund

“I’m accountant in the finance team. Best thing with working at Bertin Exensor is all my fantastic colleagues. They are all very helpful and we all want the best for the company. Working at Bertin Exensor makes you feel that you are doing something good for the humanity.” — Camilla Strand, Accountant, Lund


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