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Flexnet can be used for fixed and mobile configurations and allows for deployment without the need for pre-existing infrastructure.
Providing early detection, classification and identification of threats and intrusions, this wireless and battery-powered can be rapidly deployed in any terrain and environmental conditions. Flexnet can also act as a temporary solution to enhance security around critical areas, including high-value assets and sensitive locations. The flexibility and ease of deployment offered by Flexnet makes the system ideal when conventional CCTV and other surveillance are not adapted.

Asset protection

When a critical asset such as an aircraft is deployed on a mission in remote locations such as remote airfields or forward operating bases, ensuring the security of the asset can be a complex and resource consuming task. In order to enhance the protection of the asset and provide early warning in case of a threat, Flexnet is used to create an invisible barrier around the asset by combining passive infrared sensors, seismic and acoustic sensors and intelligent thermal cameras.
This comprehensive system ensures complete surveillance of the area, thus minimizing the risk of sabotage. The sensors are available in camouflage-coloured versions for discrete surveillance in a tactical situation, or in bright colours. All sensors and devices are battery powered, wireless and feature internal GPS receivers.

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Industrial site surveillance

Industrial site surveillance

Critical infrastructure requires installation of security applications inside and outside the facility perimeter. The Flexnet networked sensor platform offers a flexible and quickly deployable 24/7 protection solution using a combination of intelligent, battery operated and externally powered sensors and cameras. The system provides early detection, classification and identification of illegal intrusions. Due to the wireless, battery operated concept a system can be quickly deployed without the need of existing infrastructure (power, communication, fiber, etc.).

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Border control

Governments need to know what and who cross their borders to ensure Homeland Security. The scalable surveillance system developed by Exensor can monitor specific points of interest, or large areas when fences or regular cameras cannot be installed. Sensors and cameras are deployed along the border line and communicate together in a self-healing wireless mesh network. The gateways are used as repeaters to extend communication to a remote observation post along the border. The Flexnet system can be monitored and operated by multiple users, from a large operation center but also through a small handheld device. In case of a sensor detection, Police officers are directly notified of any movement along the border.

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