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Flexnet PDA

The Flexnet PDA is an Android-based Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) able to communicate with all Flexnet sensors using an integrated short-range radio. The Flexnet PDA includes the Flexnet Commander application providing precise and reliable information to the operator.

Rugged Android Platform

The Flexnet PDA is a handheld, ruggedized Android platform integrated into the Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensor system. With its integrated radio, resistive touchscreen and long-lasting battery, the PDA guarantees easy use even in harsh conditions. The device features three distinct operation modes according to the needs and supports maps in GeoTIFF format.

Size 344mm x 268mm x 32mm
Weight 3.2kg
Battery Primary 3.7V 3520mAh Li-ion
Optional 3.7V 7040mAh Li-ion
Temperature -30 to +60°C in operation
Environmental MIL-STD-810
Three Operation modes:
  • Deployment Mode – Provides a tool for quick deployment of Flexnet sensors. Using Deployment Mode the operator can optimize detection performance for all sensors, by reviewing information such as radio link quality and detection range information. User can configure sensors and cameras during deployment, and any sensor settings made via the Flexnet PDA are automatically reflected in the base station. This mode also enables localization of the deployed sensors. The built-in GPS and compass will guide the operator to the selected sensor.


  • Base Mode – The Flexnet PDA acts as a lightweight and portable base station when a smaller network is deployed and the use for a stationary base station is not required. In this mode no other base station is required for operation. The Flexnet PDA allows full configuration and operation of Flexnet. Using Base Mode, the operator can receive and review alarms, view images and videos.


  • Mobile Base Mode – In this mode information from the main base station is retrieved by the PDA, a useful feature for sharing the operational picture.


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