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Long-Range Camera

The Long-Range Camera solution is based on a Nikon DSLR mounted in a rugged housing. Triggered by deployed sensors, the camera will record high-definition videos on a local Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and transmit thumbnail pictures to the base station over a radio network

Designed specifically for harsh environments, the Long-Range Camera consists of the Nikon D4S, D5 or D6 camera mounted in a rugged housing. The Long-Range Camera is powered by a Gateway battery and operated directly from a control box which includes a Digital Video Recorder to store all recordings. By using a standard camera housing, it lets the users operate with their standard lenses.

The Long-Range Camera is fully integrated into Flexnet and acts as a network node triggered by or triggering other sensors. Thumbnail images are transmitted over the radio network, whereas high-definition videos and images are stored locally.

Size Depends on configuration (Lens option, tripod)
Weight Depends on configuration (Lens option, tripod)
Battery 30 days
Temperature -32 to +71°C in operation
Environmental MIL-STD-810
  • Remote surveillance in dead ground
  • Real time snapshot images over secure, wireless network
  • Provides pictures and video (stored locally)
  • Compatible with standard Nikon lenses
  • Long-range surveillance capability
  • Several lens options


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