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Second Sight MS

Second Sight MS, the passive, long-range gas cloud detector, connected to the Video Gateway and operated in Flexnet Commander, adds chemical detection capabilities to the Flexnet UGS system.

In case of actual or anticipated chemical attacks or accidents, the operator must be able to track the gas clouds in order to protect the population and the environment. The Second Sight MS, designed for early warning and real-time visualization of gas clouds, is a reliable and valuable tool providing situational awareness during operations. Compact and lightweight, the Second Sight MS is a passive, long-range chemical gas cloud detector ideally suited for source identification and tracking of chemical contamination.

Equipped with an infrared sensor, night/day functionality and a large Field of View (FOV), it is able to detect the type of gas, as well as measure its concentration and path length, up to 5 km. The family of chemical warfare agents and industrial toxic components can be identified by the high-performance detector, along with unidentified gases– either unknown or mixed – for a larger operational capacity. Modular and easy to deploy, the Second Sight MS can be used for one-off surveillance of public events, as well as for permanent monitoring of critical infrastructure. It can be mounted on vehicles.

Presentation of Second Sight MS

The only standoff gas detector for real time surveillance and with source localization.

It’s the perfect solution for critical area surveillance and protection against chemical threats (chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial compounds).

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