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Flexnet Commander

Flexnet Commander displays all necessary sensor data in a user-friendly, map-based interface that gives the operator full control of the operation of the entire sensor system.

C2 Solution

Flexnet Commander combines a map based overview, a mission log and an image viewer in a single application. Sensors fitted with an internal GPS receiver are automatically reported and displayed on the map in Flexnet Commander.

This enables rapid deployment without need for manual positioning of sensors in the control software. The graphical representation provides a clear picture of the operational environment.

Key benefits

User-friendly and intuitive

Adapted to touch interfaces

Display of alarms, pictures and status of the deployed sensors

  • All sensors and nodes are geographically represented on the map by unique color-coded symbols
  • All device settings can be changed remotely
  • Hourly status reports from each sensor are automatically sent and displayed
  • The alarm log details all events including time and classification data
  • Event view allows grouping of alarms into events
  • Graphical representation of mesh network routing for all nodes
  • Filter functionality allows the operator to filter alarms and events to search for specific events
  • Supports multiple map formats (e.g. GeoTIFF, CADRG)
  • Allows usage of OpenStreetMap (requires internet connection)
  • Can be installed on any Windows, Linux or Android device


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