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Flexnet offers 24/7 monitoring over any terrain and enabling soldiers to cover flanks and approaches that are out of ear- and eyeshot. Easily deployable and concealable, the user can deploy an adapted network of Flexnet ruggedized sensors and intelligent cameras, depending on the terrain and the mission parameters.

Force protection

Soldiers on operations must fully focus on their mission. Using Flexnet to cover their back, they can focus on key tasks, assured that any approaching threat is detected. Flexnet is a wireless protection and surveillance network with diverse capabilities to ensure human and high value asset protection in a large variety of missions. Deployable both locally and in large areas, it is well suited for any setup, whether mobile, semi-fixed or fixed.

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Patrol | Protect a vehicle on a shorter mission

Flexnet can be deployed to protect stationary vehicles against potentially hostile elements. The sensors provide early warning and classification of the approaching potential threat, allowing the tactical commander on site to evaluate the situation, make a fact-based decision and take necessary action.

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Critical asset protection

When a critical asset such as an aircraft is deployed on a mission in remote locations such as remote airfields or forward operating bases, ensuring the security of the asset can be a complex and resource consuming task. In order to enhance the protection of the asset and provide early warning in case of a threat, Flexnet is used to create an invisible barrier around the asset by combining passive infrared sensors, seismic and acoustic sensors and intelligent thermal cameras.
This comprehensive system ensures complete surveillance of the area, thus minimizing the risk of sabotage. The sensors are available in camouflage-coloured versions for discrete surveillance in a tactical situation, or in bright colours. All sensors and devices are battery powered, wireless and feature internal GPS receivers.

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