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From system customization, provision of spares, maintenance, upgrades, and training, Bertin Exensor got everything covered.

Bertin Exensor is a solution supplier offering high-end support and services to cover the full life cycle of the systems delivered to customers. As a global, market-leading provider of Unattended Ground Sensor systems, Bertin Exensor is committed to the continuous development and enhancement of existing and new technologies, to ensure its customers benefit from increased performance and expanded capabilities in the future.

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  • Technical and Tactical Training – Flexnet ease of use does not prevent its users from following a training by our experts. Bertin Exensor is proud to provide thorough training to each new customer to help them deploy Flexnet, understand the key technologies at its basis, and master the C2 solution that operates with the system.
  • Maintenance and System Upgrades – Our dedicated Support and Service Team composed of engineers and technicians can handle large scale upgrades and maintenance of the Flexnet UGS system, both in-house or at customers’ facilities.
  • Tailored Development – Bertin Exensor can adapt each solution to meet customers’ specifications. Our Development Team also stands by your side to meet future requirements and implement them on already existing systems.

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