Mini Mk3 - Bertin Exensor

Mini Mk3

The Mini Mk3 sensor is a wireless, seismic and acoustic sensor used to detect and classify human activity. The sensor detects vibrations and sound waves within a specific area of interest. Data is then analysed using advanced algorithms, classified and transmitted to the wider surveillance system.

Designed to reduce operator burden the Mini Mk3 is ideally suited for operations where weight and size are critical factors.
Using data fusion and sophisticated algorithms, the Mini Mk3 can detect and classify movements of humans and vehicles whilst filtering out unwanted alarms. Using encrypted communication (AES-256), alarm data is transmitted to the base station by the built-in radio.

If “radio silence” mode is activated or the communication is interrupted, alarm data is stored within the device until requested by an operator or the communications link is re-established. Each Mini Mk3 sensor operates as an individual node in the Mesh network, and can relay data from other sensors (Mini/Scout/PIR) back to the base station if required.

Size 115mm x 54mm x 100mm (without spike attached)
Weight 0,5kg
Operational endurance time 30 days with integrated rechargeable battery (1 year battery as option)
Temperature -32 to +71 degrees Celsius in operation
Environmental MIL-STD-810
Tamper alarm Built in antitamper with GPS
Position GPS for self-location
  • Advanced detection and classification of vehicles and human activities
  • Automatic prediction of detection range
  • High performance/weight ratio
  • Rapid deployment
  • Connection to PIR module
  • Fusion over radio with other sensors
  • Multiple simultaneous alarm classifications
  • Continuous background noise estimation
  • Local/extended range mode
  • Silent mode
  • Anti-tamper functionality
  • Integrated 1km mesh networked radio
  • Input/output signals
  • Internal GPS receiver

Key benefits

Detection and classification of human activity on the ground

Multiple alarm classification

Low Size, Weight and Power


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