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Scout Mk3

The Scout Mk3 is an intelligent motion camera that can provide day and night, high quality pictures and videos. User friendly and rapidly deployable, the Scout can control two camera heads and has various accessories to fit the users’ specific needs.

The built-in image processing function detects motion and activates the camera to take images, compresses them and either stores the images or transmits them back to the base station using encrypted (AES-256) communication. The advanced motion detection algorithms detect any motion in the user’s defined areas of interest. Before, during and after an event, the camera can take single or multiple images. The Scout Mk3 uses advanced compression technology to allow fast transmission over the low bandwidth network. It has a storage capacity of several thousand images.

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The Scout Mk3 can be equipped with two camera heads. Camera heads can be delivered with thermal imaging (TI) sensors, and low light sensors with different lens options such as zoom or narrow/wide angle. The camera heads can be attached directly to the camera body or mounted remotely and connected via a cable. The Scout Mk3 is activated by other sensors over the radio network or by a PIR Module attached via cable. After activation, the motion control sequence starts for a pre-set time, configured by the operator. The Scout Mk3 operates as an individual node in the mesh network, relaying data from the other sensors (Mini/Scout/PIR) back to the base station.

  • Remote surveillance in dead ground
  • Real time snapshot images over secure wireless network
  • Provides images or video clips
  • High-quality day and night images
  • Several lens options
  • Size: 62mm x 62mm x 210mm (19mm single head option)
  • Weight: 1.3kg. (19mm single head option)
  • Operation time: 30 days on integrated rechargeable battery (1-year battery as option). External battery can be connected.
  • Temperature: -32 to +71 degrees Celsius in operation.
  • Environmental: MIL-STD-810
  • EMC: MIL-STD-461

The Scout Mk3 can be delivered in many different configurations with a variety of lenses from 7mm to 65mm, in single head or dual head applications.


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