From September 21 to 22, 2022, Exensor will attend DVD, a biennial defence industry exhibition, to be held at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedford, United Kingdom. DVD will provide Exensor with a unique opportunity to better understand Today’s and Tomorrow’s challenges faced in the Land equipment industry, to develop tailor-made solutions to the most demanding requirements.

Jointly sponsored by the Army and the Defence Equipment & Support organisation, DVD aims at bringing together all those involved in the Land Equipment sector to discuss new technological innovations and generate greater understanding of existing and future capability requirements. This year’s special edition will be then focusing on how best to support and contribute to the modernisation of the British Army.

This two-day event will consist in networking sessions, indoor and outdoor exhibitions, and vehicle and equipment demonstrations, including on Millbrook’s famous off-road driving tracks.

On this occasion, Exensor – which is also UK-based – will present and demonstrate the Flexnet capability at the outdoor exhibition space. Consisting in a portfolio of wireless Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS), the Flexnet protection and surveillance solution is perfectly adapted to military applications, as it mitigates any threat regardless of the situation or environment.

It will also display Bertin Technologies’ optronic equipment, such as handheld night/day vision enhancer FusionSight and OEM camera module CamSight LP, as well as standoff chemical gas cloud detector Second Sight MS, that can be mounted on vehicle.

Are you attending too? Take this opportunity to discover the fully integrated, wireless sensor platform Flexnet in a live demo.