Within the Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system, all sensors use passive technology whether they detect vibrations, sounds or heat radiation. Contrasting with active sensors, the passive ones are silent – They just listen to what is happening in their environment and provide military personnel with countless benefits.

Passive technology is at the core of Flexnet sensors, as it provides covert and reliable intelligence gathering, while minimizing the risk of detection and interference by adversaries. Such a capability is crucial in modern military operations as it brings:

  • Stealth and Concealment: Passive sensors do not emit any signals themselves, making them harder for adversaries to detect. This stealth capability is crucial in military operations where avoiding detection is vital for mission success or survival.
  • Reduced Vulnerability: Since passive sensors don’t emit signals, they are less susceptible to electronic warfare techniques such as jamming or spoofing, which can disrupt or deceive active sensors.
  • Covert Surveillance: Passive sensors can quietly gather intelligence without alerting the enemy. They are often employed in reconnaissance missions to monitor enemy movements, communications, and other activities without revealing the presence of friendly forces.
  • Long-Range Detection: Passive sensors can detect and identify targets at long ranges without giving away the position of the detecting platform. This capability is particularly advantageous for early warning systems and border surveillance.

Moreover, passive sensors typically require less maintenance and consume less power compared to active sensors, hence making them more cost-effective for widespread deployment, especially in large-scale military operations when affordable mass is not an option.

In the case of Flexnet, this technology is particularly relevant for SOF and ISR missions in hostile areas. Combined with other aspects of the system, such as the low SWaP of the sensors or the silent mesh radio network, Flexnet is a true force multiplier that provides soldiers with adequate stealthiness.

This is what Bertin Exensor is all about: supporting forces in the field with numerous sensing capabilities.

Passive sensing for the win.