On November 26, 2020, from 8:45 AM to 12:50 PM CET, the Estonian Defence Industry Association will hold a hybrid, digital conference, on the following topics:

– how should companies act in a world changed by the pandemic;

– how the state can support companies;

– how to get involved in international R&D projects.

This annual conference, organized virtually, is an opportunity to promote closer cooperation between the Estonian state and Defense & Security companies, and to encourage  business relationships with representatives of foreign organizations.

Marcus Rosenqvist, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, has been invited to participate in Panel 2 from 10:35 CET, to talk about how to build sustainable business in a post-Covid world with representatives from UkrObornonProm & Defence & Aerospace Advanced Electronics Company.

From Exensor perspective, Marcus will present how daily business has been affected by the pandemic, along with COVID-19 potential long-term consequences on the defence sector.

Click here to watch him live!