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Flexnet – Optimized SWaP for enhanced combat readiness

04 Apr 2024

The reduction of size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP) is a major stake in the military environment. Advanced and sophisticated sensors come with increased power requirements and larger physical footprints – Reducing SWaP is consequently essential to ensure that modern military systems remain lightweight, compact, and energy-efficient while still delivering high performance. User experience and […]

Project Manager Fredric Hidesand Presents Bertin Exensor

02 Apr 2024

In this interview, Project Manager Fredric Hidesand gives an overview of Bertin Exensor and the Flexnet UGS system. What are the technological pillars of Flexnet, how the system scales and adapts depending on specific missions, Fredric sheds light on UGS in the video below. ‎ ‎‎‎‎‎

Passive Sensing – A cloak of invisibility in the field

05 Mar 2024

Within the Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system, all sensors use passive technology whether they detect vibrations, sounds or heat radiation. Contrasting with active sensors, the passive ones are silent – They just listen to what is happening in their environment and provide military personnel with countless benefits. Passive technology is at the core of […]

Future Soldier Technology 2024 Welcomes Leading Companies in London

29 Feb 2024

From March 11th to 13th, Bertin Exensor will be participating to Future Soldier Technology 2024 held in London, United-Kingdom. Sales Manager Jon Ross will soon attend Future Soldier Technology 2024, a defense event focused on enhancing soldier effectiveness and safety on the battlefield, through state-of-the-art combat gear to advanced tactical communication systems. Bertin Exensor will […]

The role of infrared detection within the Flexnet UGS system.

13 Feb 2024

Infrared sensors are highly valuable in defense technology, as they allow military personnel to operate in low-light or complete darkness, for a variety of applications ranging from missile guidance to Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR), Target Acquisition, or even search and rescue. Within the Flexnet UGS system, infrared detection plays a crucial role, and is at […]

EPE Trusted to Protect (EPE), in collaboration with Bertin Exensor, has been awarded a contract by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence

30 Jan 2024

EPE Trusted to Protect will deliver the Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system by Bertin Exensor to enhance the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) Reconnaissance and Surveillance (R & S) capabilities as part of the Networked Enabled Army (NEA) Programme. EPE will deliver the Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensor UGS system designed by Bertin Exensor to […]

On the modern battlefield, Western armies must rely on Unattended Ground Sensor technology.

22 Jan 2024

Flexnet – An essential force multiplier Most Western armies have two principal missions, being the defense of NATO territory and contribution to peace support operations. With the resurgence of conflicts between states, homeland security issues, and terrorism, our ability to react and anticipate in a proper and timely manner is more challenged than ever. Experiences […]

Bertin Exensor awarded a major contract by the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland.

09 Jan 2024

In December 2023, a consortium formed by Bertin Exensor AB and local partner Siltec SP. z.o.o. signed a contract with the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland for the supply of additional Flexnet UGS (Unattended Ground Sensor) systems to the Polish Armed forces. The new contract signed in Poland calls for deliveries […]

Will Tucker appointed Managing Director of Bertin Exensor Ltd

16 Nov 2023

Bertin Exensor is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Managing Director for its UK branch. The nomination of Will Tucker marks a significant moment for the company as it charts a course for continued growth and innovation. Will, for how long have you been working at Bertin Exensor? “I have been with Bertin […]

Exensor’s commitment to the UK Defence and Security industry

24 Oct 2023

ADS – UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space organisation ADS is the premier trade organisation for the UK’s aerospace, defence, security, and space industries. The association represents over 1,200 companies across the UK, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large multinational corporations. ADS works in collaboration with the UK MoD, the Home Office, the […]


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