SOFF is essential to the development of the Defense & Security industry in Sweden. Find out more on Exensor’s involvement and close cooperation with SOFF.

What is SOFF all about?

Säkerhets- och försvarsföretagen (SOFF) was founded in 1986, with the objective of promoting the common interests of the Defense & Security industry, highlighting the know-how and expertise of Swedish defense companies, and creating an ecosystem favouriting collaboration between its members and governmental bodies.

Indeed, great value is created by bringing together Försvarsmakten (Swedish Armed Forces), Försvarets materielverk – FMV (Swedish Defence Material Organization), Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut – FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency), as well as key integrators such as Saab, BAE Hägglunds, and the numerous SMEs working in the defense sector in Sweden. To this date the association gathers more than 180 members, among which over 100 are SMEs.

Exensor’s fruitful partnership with SOFF

Within SOFF, Exensor is active in several working groups – Defense export, Security, International affairs – and have one of its team members, Pontus Agerteg, acting as a Vice Chairman in the SME group to help improve relationships between SME members and FMV, as well as between SME and large groups.

One of the main advantages of being a member is indeed the access to high level decision makers, both in person and with events held by SOFF, where we as an industry organization, together with the Procurement agency and Swedish Armed Forces, can have a dialog about how to help each other and improve the defense capabilities of Sweden. The association also organizes Swedish pavilions on worldwide exhibitions such as Eurosatory or DSEI, offering its members the perfect occasion to network with representatives from all over the world.

Robert Limmergård, General Secretary of SOFF, explains the fruitful cooperation that has been in place for years between Exensor and the association:

‘We are pleased and proud to have Bertin Exensor as a member, as the company contribute to our trade association in many ways. By sharing knowledge and expertise within their field of operation, they help us to shape the market conditions and bring new ideas to the industry. Additionally, Bertin Exensor brings value to the association by actively networking with the other members, supporting relationships and building connections that benefit everyone in the association. Through these efforts, Bertin Exensor help us to create a more vibrant and successful industry, with better products, services, and solutions for all involved. In the end, the value that member companies bring to their trade association is in their ability to collaborate, share knowledge and expertise, and work together to achieve common goals that benefit the industry as a whole. In this Bertin Exensor excel.’

SOFF plays a crucial role when it comes to reach international clients. By offering its own expertise on international relationships and public affairs, SOFF is providing Exensor with the right information to access international programs, such as the European Commission led European Defense Fund (EDF) projects. As an example, connections and information provided by SOFF were a key for Exensor to join the European project MARSEUS under the leadership of MBDA France. Furthermore, in the context of the Swedish application to NATO, the company can rely on SOFF to understand and find out about new collaborations opportunities this membership could lead to.

Exensor takes pride in being an active member of SOFF, an association that allows a multitude of companies to come together and achieve what could not have been possible alone. 

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