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UMRA Mini Mk1

The UMRA Mini sensor is a unique, miniaturized UGS. Using advanced processing and data fusion from internal seismic and acoustic sensor elements the unit reliably detects and classifies movements whilst greatly reducing false alarm rate and power consumption to a minimum. The complete unit weighs 950g and can be fitted into a soldier's pouch. The UMRA Mini Mk 1 has a built in short range radio with a low profile covert antenna providing up to 1km LoS communication, an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 30 days duration and a GPS for self-location. UMRA Mini sensor features are:

  • Outstanding detection ranges using high-end sensor elements and advanced noise filtering
  • Integrated batteries giving 30 days endurance (90 days with external battery)
  • Detection and Classification of Person (single/multiple), Vehicles, Helicopters, IED emplacement
  • High performance/size/weight ratio
  • Automatic determination of detection range at deployment
  • Remote configuration of sensor settings
  • Multiple simultaneous alarm classifications including alarm duration
  • Heart beat and Battery status
  • Continuous Background estimation
  • Local/Extended mode
  • Mesh network, self-healing, self- configuring
  • Anti-tamper/lift protection

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