The SUREGUARD System is a rapidly deployable VIP Close Protection system. Each system comprises of a number of external and internal cameras, together with indoor sensors such as Passive Infra Red (PIR) Sensors, Door and Window Sensors and Panic Button alarm. All of this equipment operates over wireless links to a central Monitoring Station. Both the internal and external cameras are PIR activated, such that they normally operate at low quiescent current to maximise battery life. Once activated the camera automatically transmits a video signal (which also contains its sensor identity) to the monitoring station. The video signal is transmitted for twenty-second duration and is automatically recorded and displayed at the Monitoring Station on a quad split display and is also indicated on the text alarm display. Simultaneously an alarm signal is transmitted from the Monitoring Station via VHF radio link to Miniature Monitors (Pagers) which are carried by the support team. The monitors indicate the identity of the sensor in alarm condition and the date and time of alarm. Built in system features are:

  • Rapidly deployable Close Protection system
  • Containing up to 16 cameras and 32 sensors
  • Extended sensor range using repeaters
  • Up to 6 pagers for mobile team
  • Battery powered Monitoring station

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