The UMRAwin environment consists of a combined device overview/map window, a log window, and an image window to display alarms and status of all sensors. All sensors (fitted with an internal GPS) will be automatically reported and displayed on the map based GUI. This enables a rapid deployment without the need for manual positioning of sensors in the control software. The graphical representation provides a quick relevant operational picture of the intrusion environment including actual sensor communication links. UMRAwin features are:

  • All sensors and nodes are graphically represented on the map window by unique colour coded symbols
  • Each sensor/node settings can be changed remotely from UMRAwin
  • Hourly status reports from each sensor will be automatically sent and displayed in the C2
  • Each alarm is presented on map view as well as in the alarm log
  • Graphical representation of mesh network routing including all nodes
  • Filter functionality allowing the operator to filter alarms and events to search for specific events

Exensor provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows the integration of Flexnet with any other type of application including BMS, C4I´s, Mapping software and other external sensor systems. The API can be used to build a completely stand-alone application or in combination with Exensor's UMRAwin C2. It is possible to run UMRAwin and other external applications using the API at the same time.

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