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Exensor offers its customers a comprehensive program of life cycle support for the Flexnet UGS system and its components. Services range from system customization and to provision of spares, maintenance, upgrade services and training.

Exensor offers complete customized solutions to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Excelling at designing and tailoring customer-specific solutions, consistently exceed the expectations of each customer.

As a global, market-leading provider of Unattended Ground Sensor systems, Exensor is committed to continuous development and enhancement of existing and new technologies to ensure our customers benefit from increased performance and expanded capabilities in the future.

Tailored customer solutions
Adaptation and integration - For years, the time-tested solution Flexnet has been developed and matured to anticipate or adapt to technological advances along with customers’ requirements. As a tailored technology, the Unattended Ground Sensor system Flexnet allows for customized configurations to strengthen the operators’ capabilities on the field. Mission dependent, Flexnet can be used as a standalone platform or be integrated into existing Battle Management Systems (BMS) thanks to its flexible and scalable design allowing easy integration. The open architecture of the system enables easy adaptation of existing products, integration of new capabilities and addition of specific components or requirements set by customers. Enhancements to existing products include (but are not limited to): • Software upgrades / adaptations • Modification of hardware to suit customers’ requirements • Implementation of new system functionalities • Interface with external system components
To offer protection of critical infrastructures, Exensor provides a comprehensive range of surveillance solutions for fixed installations. Exensor builds the structure of the monitoring system in coordination with the customer and in accordance with its budget, planning, and functional specifications. Exensor will also ensure the complete project management, from initial design, to engineering, site installation, integration, commissioning and system acceptance. On-site support and maintenance are recommended for large installations.
Training & Life cycle support
With each new order comes a systematic and thorough training, with total support being provided throughout the system’s life cycle from the supply of critical spare parts, to repairs, overhauls, upgrades and preventive maintenance. Local support is offered on short notice for a period to be determined, while remote support is always given to customers. In addition, Exensor offers a full range of technical field assistance, including provision of back-up systems and upgrade packages in operations.

Reasons to choose

Exensors’sability to customize solutions for each customer’s highly specific need.

On-site support enables the user to operate the system without long maintenance stops.

The open API lets the system run on multiple C2 and makes it easy to integrate.

Training with experienced personnel makes all training efficient.

Our field engineers provide a safe, effective and well-planned installation.


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