Exensor Technology has an extensive background in the field of UGS and Network based sensor systems.
Since 1987 Exensor has developed wireless Ground Sensor Systems for armed forces world-wide. The Company employs a world leading team of engineers who together have more than 150 man years of experience in developing and designing networked unattended Ground Sensor Systems. This, in conjunction with the use of external partners gives Exensor an accumulated specialized engineering pool of more than 1000 man years.

Due to a close cooperation between our Customers, our Engineering team and in-house Operational experts we are able to offer some of the most advanced UGS systems available in the market place today. Exensor has designed and built our solutions around a flexible platform (Flexnet) to enable rapid development and integration of the very latest technologies to ensure we provide reliable and proven products to meet the demands of the modern soldier.

Exensor technology – World leading technology


Exensor offers a diverse range of unattended ground sensors that can be tailored for a vast number of applications. Our UGS are some of the most reliable sensors available today due to the combination of highly sophisticated hardware platforms that integrate the latest power efficient circuitry and high-capacity processing along with Exensor’s unique advanced embedded detection, classification and identification algorithms. Data fusion implemented at sensor level greatly improves reliability, reduces power consumption and keeps transmission data to an absolute minimum.


The self-healing, “silent” Mesh Network developed by Exensor over a period of 10 years is the back-bone of our Flexnet sensor platform. This vitally important rugged and proven network supports data not only from low data rate UGS but also supports fast and low power transmission of pictures from remote miniaturized Scout cameras part of the Flexnet sensor platform. All radio links are automatically monitored to ensure the most stable link is used at any given time.

System integration

Flexnet is a fully integrated sensor platform with an open interface that allows for easy integration of external sensors. The UMRAwin map based Command and Control (C2) software has been developed in close cooperation with our customers to provide an intuitive, easy to operate interface between man and machine. Our API software enables integration of other external sensors (UGS, cameras, radars, effectors) in to the Flexnet platform. It also serves as an effective integration tool for integration of Flexnet in to other BMS platforms as required.

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