As a systems house Exensor offers complete customized solutions to meet our customer’s unique requirements. We are skilled at designing and tailoring specific packages which include support and maintenance to meet these requirements. Exensor is committed to a continuous development and enhancement programme of existing and new technologies to ensure our customers benefit from increased performance and expanded capabilities in the future.

Exensor offers customized solutions to meet the customer’s needs!

Adaptation and integration

Adaptation and integration - The Flexnet systems open architecture allows easy adaptation of existing products, integration of new capabilities and customer specific components or requirements. The Flexnet platform has been developed and matured based upon advances in technology and customer requirements. Enhancements to existing products include (but are not limited to):

  • Software upgrades/adaptations
  • Implementation of new system functionality
  • Interface with external system components
  • Modification of hardware to suit customer requirements

Typical Integration tasks would be upgrading customer sensors such as UGS, Cameras, Full Motion Video, Radars, Effectors such as Sphinx NT (Close Area Protection System), External BMS and C4I systems.

Maintenance & After Sale Support

Exensor provides complete Support and Maintenance packages containing everything from initial system training to full range field support including provision of back-up systems and up-grade packages in theatre. A Support and Maintenance Package is based on the customer specific requirements and could include, e.g.:

  • System training
  • Repair & maintenance provision
  • In-field repair and support
  • Technical support
  • Spares provisioning (local and remote stocking as required)

New developments

Exensor develops customer specific solutions on demand. Our many years of experience and skills in the development and production of UGS combined with the flat organization of Exensor reduce lead-times from concept to ready product to a minimum. For example Exensor can tailor make UGS in accordance with customer specific requirements in less than 6 months.

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