Flexnet is the name of Exensor’s integrated networked family of unmanned ground sensors. It has been designed to provide a diverse portfolio of intelligent wireless sensors and accessories that combine various state of the art optical and non-optical sensor technologies. This ‘Tool Kit’ approach allows for a huge degree of operational flexibility even under the harshest conditions. The system is based upon an open platform that allows easy integration of “external” sensor capabilities as well as the integration with other Command and Control (C2) Platforms and Systems when required.

  • Best Unattended Ground Sensors LOS and NLOS
  • Unique silent and self-healing power optimized Mesh Network
  • Flexible toolbox concept, "plug&play"
  • Open architecture for integration and expansion
  • Very simple to operate and train
  • Integrating EO and Non EO sensors
  • Exceptional 12 months operation time
  • Self-calibrating for different terrain, weather and weather conditions
  • Remote configuration of sensor settings

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