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Scout 2

The Scout 2 camera remains in stand-by mode until woken up by an external sensor alarm. The built-in image processing detects movement and activates the camera to take images, compresses them and transmits them back to the C2 base. The Scout 2 camera uses advanced image processing technology allowing fast transmission of images over the mesh network. The Scout 2 can be equipped with a TI camera, a low light camera or a dual head containing both. If required, the camera head can be remotely sited by a cable for covert emplacement. The cameras can be supplied with various Optical and EO lenses (single or combined). Scout 2 features are:

  • Remote Surveillance in dead ground
  • Integrated batteries giving 50 days endurance (1 year available)
  • Low weight/size
  • High quality day and night images
  • Rapid Image transmission over secure wireless network
  • Multiple pictures if required
  • Intelligent on-board Image Processing
  • Mesh network, self-healing, self-configuring
  • Remote configuration of camera settings
  • Heart-beat and Battery status
  • Anti tamper/lift protection
  • Rapid and easy deployment

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